Institutional Products

Our institutional business offers seamless access to a range of investment funds and solutions for retirement funds, medical aid schemes and corporate investors. Our offering includes investment funds, enhanced solutions and a suite of educational initiatives to help our clients as well as their stakeholders.

Products Centre

For institutional clients we have a carefully selected range of funds that cater to a wide spectrum of organisational size, risk profiles and investment needs.

These include:

  • Income Funds
  • Low-cost multi-asset funds
  • International funds
  • Active Asset Allocation funds

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Best of Breed™

At Nedgroup Investments we hand pick the best external manager in each fund category and partner with them to offer a range of expertly managed funds across all asset classes. We call this our Best of Breed™ investment approach and our awards speak for themselves.

Solutions Centre

Because we know that no business is the same when it comes to the ideal mix of investment and retirement products, we have a team of retirement consultants dedicated to helping you to choose the option that suits you best.

Our institutional solutions offerings include:

  1. Implemented Consulting Services and
  2. Umbrella fund solutions

The Nedgroup Investments implemented consulting offering is included as a value-added service at no extra cost for any clients who choose to implement using one of our investment portfolio offerings.

For more information on our umbrella fund products, speak to your consultant to find out more about the solution that will suit you best.

Education Centre

Knowledge is power. Successful investing requires a certain level of financial understanding to ensure that clients and their stakeholders do not make decisions that they will regret in the long-term.

In order to help our clients and their employees make sound financial decisions we have designed a range of educational brochures and videos, which cover a range of basic topics from “How to invest” to “Why diversification is important”.

We can also bring education convenience to your workplace through our Nedbank @ Work team, addressing such topics as ‘How to budget’, ‘Saving for goals’ and ‘Accessing credit responsibly’ or tailor more advanced training on investment topics for sophisticated investors such as passive investing, building investment strategies and alternative asset classes.


To speak to one of our institutional consultants or for general enquiries, contact the institutional team @

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