Quarter 3 Insights 2017

Three investments curveballs - and what investors can do...

By Nic Andrew, Head of Nedgroup Investments

Nic Andrew

We discuss three very topical issues that raise very difficult questions for investors at the moment.

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Bold statements and big promises – Donald Trump’s first six...

By George Cipolloni, Sub-investment Manager of the Global Cautious Fund

George Cipolloni

There has been enough excitement to last a lifetime in Donald Trump’s first six months as president. Could we have seen this coming?

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Two decades of winning by not losing

By Steven Romick, Sub-investment Manager of the Nedgroup Investments Global Flexible Fund

Steven Romick

It’s not all about the big wins. If you avoid the worst performing stocks, you can still put up good numbers.

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Is the Rand overvalued – and would we admit it if it was?

By Rashaad Tayob , Manager of the Flexible Income Fund

Rashaad Tayob

We live in an emerging market country with deep structural imbalances and many challenges. Are we too emotional about the Rand?

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Investing offshore – have you ticked the boxes?

By Trevor Garvin, Head of Multi-Management

Trevor Garvin

While there is definitely a case for investing offshore at the moment, it’s crucial to remember to keep a long-term view.

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Low-cost investing – should you use unit trusts or ETFs?

By Jannie Leach, Head of Core Investments

Jannie Leach

With so much choice, investors must consider the features of unit trusts and ETFs relative to their individual circumstances.

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When more is less – rethinking financial health

By Sarah Newcomb, Morningstar Behavioural Science Research

Sarah Newcomb

Traditional definitions of financial wellness do not take into account how a person feels about their financial circumstances.

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