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Nedgroup Investments Value Fund

Portfolio objective

An equity unit trust portfolio that seeks to offer investors long-term capital growth through active stock selection within the South African equity market. A minimum of 75% of the portfolio's assets will be invested in domestic equities at all times.

Annual Raging Bull Awards

The Nedgroup Investments Value Fund was Top Performer in its sector to December 2010
(Portfolios are ranked on a 3-year lump sum NAV-NAV basis with income distributions re-invested)

Investor profile

The unit trust portfolio is suitable for investors who favour a value style, seeking exposure to the domestic equity market with maximum capital appreciation as their primary goal over the long term. Investors should have a tolerance for short-term market volatility in order to achieve long-term objectives.

ASISA category

South African - Equity - General


South African Equity General Unit Trust Mean

Risk rating

Medium to high

Appropriate term

Minimum 5 - 7 years

Income distribution

31 December

Inception date

1 December 1997

Minimum investments

Lump sum R10,000 / Monthly debit order R500

Fees (excluding VAT)

Fee classPortfolio management feesFinancial planning fees (if applicable)
    Through the
sale of units
Forms part of the published unit price
R 0% 1% 0 - 3% 0 - 1% -
A 0% 1.5% 0 - 3% 0 - 1% -
A1 0% 1.75% 0 - 3% - 0.5%*


* Annual financial planning fees (if applicable) are included in the annual portfolio management fee that forms part of the published unit price


Period Performance
1 year to 31 Aug 2014: 22.0% pa
3 years to 31 Aug 2014: 18.1% pa
5 years to 31 Aug 2014: 17.3% pa
7 years to 31 Aug 2014: 12.7% pa
10 years to 31 Aug 2014: 20.1% pa

Price at: 15 Sep 2014

Class Price
Class R: 5714.27
Class A: 5692.31
Class A1: -
Class B: -