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Nedgroup Investments Global Equity Fund

Portfolio objective

The Nedgroup Investments Global Equity Fund aims to achieve a long-term return, in excess of the long-term return which is typically achieved from offshore markets, by investing in a portfolio of around 30 to 40 holdings. 

The return will be a combination of capital and income returns and the portfolio may invest in transferable securities, money market instruments, and cash and near cash, derivative instruments and forward transactions, deposits and units in collective investment schemes. The portfolio may invest up to 100% in equity markets.

Investor profile

The portfolio is suited to investors who wish to actively participate in the returns (and are not averse to the risks) of a portfolio diversified through exposure to offshore equity markets.


The aim of the portfolio is to outperform the MSCI World Index over a rolling 3-year period

Risk rating


Currencies available


Fees (including VAT)

Initial fee: 0 - 3%

Annual portfolio management fee:

Class A: 1.5%

Class B: 2%

Transaction sizes

Minimum initial investment:

Class A: USD 100,000

Class B: USD 4,000

Minimum additional investment USD 1,000

Dealing frequency



Subscriptions: T-1

Redemptions: T+5

Price at: 16 Sep 2014

Class Price
Class A: 1.5436
Class B: 1.4986
Class C: 1.4539
Class D: 1.5655
Class E: 1.1245
Class N/a: -