Stay cyber secure

Stay cyber secure

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In the face of more prevalent and sophisticated cybercrime one can never be cautious enough. 

Cybercriminals constantly evolve their attack methods to make their scams more convincing and therefore more successful. As the bad guys are only becoming more persistent and creative, you need defend your organization and your employees from these attacks. Our Nedgroup Investments Cash Solutions clients typically deal in large amounts and will therefore be high on the radar of cyber criminals who will be on the lookout for weaknesses in the chain of controls and any “chink in the armour”. 

At Nedgroup Investments Cash Solutions, with the input and support of the Nedbank Group, we continuously implement and monitor our controls to ensure the best defences against cybercrime. We will be dedicating a session of our upcoming Treasurer’s Conference to cybercrime prevention, but in the interim below are some tips to consider as prevention is certainly better than the cure.