Take part in the 4th annual Nedgroup Investments Charity Day on 30 November 2021

Take part in the 4th annual Nedgroup Investments Charity Day on 30 November 2021

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Nedgroup Investments Cash Solutions is once again looking forward to our annual charity day, where simply by investing with us as you usually would, you help us contribute to a very worthy cause. There is no cost required from you whatsoever – Nedgroup Investments makes a donation depending on your balance on the day.  

How does it work?

Watch a short animation of how our Charity Days work here 

All of the fees earned on 30 November 2021 from the Nedgroup Investments Money Market Fund and the Nedgroup Investments Corporate Money Market Fund will be donated to charity.

You invest, we donate

We would like to stress that only the fee that we would have earned will be set aside for charity.  There will be no effect on clients’ investments - apart from the efficient preservation of capital in a convenient, regulated and independently rated investment that still enables same-day liquidity.  All you have to do is have funds parked in our money market funds on 30 November 2021 and you will trigger a contribution to a deserving charity at no cost to your investment. The more you place in the funds, the more the charities receive. 

The diverse range of beneficiaries supported by the Nedgroup Investments Charity Day are individually screened, accredited charitable organisations who do incredible work. Let’s make the 2021 Charity Day the biggest one yet to help these beneficiaries continue to do amazing work in very challenging times. 


Whether you have R1 to invest for one day or $1 billion to invest forever, our funds are designed to achieve attractive yields from short-duration assets where users benefit from our infrastructure and scale. What a fantastic opportunity to put your lazy cash to work and to do good at the same time. As money experts who do good, we like to call this a win-win. 

Should you have any questions or would like any information about how to invest in one of our Cash Solutions Funds, please contact our dedicated Cash Desk on 010 2366264 or email cash@nedgroupinvestments.co.za and we will be more than happy to assist you.