Transacting with Nedgroup Investments During the Lockdown

Transacting with Nedgroup Investments During the Lockdown

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The President has called for a 21-day lockdown across our nation, which will start from midnight on Thursday, 26 March 2020 and run until midnight on Thursday, 16 April 2020. The lockdown calls for South Africans to remain in their homes, except for essential services, of which, banking and financial services is one. Nedgroup Investments will remain fully functional and in fact has already been operating remotely for over a week, as have our outsource partners. We are pleased to report that our remote working processes have worked well and our operations transitioned seamlessly into this new way of working.

We are also pleased to report that flows to our suite of liquidity funds have been normal, and our assets under management across our four Cash Solutions funds remains in excess of R100b. The funds remain as their most conservative positioning ever with well above average liquidity levels.

Nedgroup Investments Cash Solutions will do our best to accommodate the changing processing needs of our clients in order to continue to deliver on our proposition of delivering fixed deposit type yields, with call account type access, via our one stop, diversified range funds, which are all highly regulated and independently rated. We will continue to deliver yield and liquidity with capital preservation being at the forefront of our philosophy.

Please note below our alternative methods of transacting, and interacting with us, and feel free to discuss these with the Cash Team.

No forms, no fuss!

With many of our clients now working remotely, we would like to remind you of our online transacting functionality, namely:

• view balances,
• download statements
• action withdrawals
Should you be interested in making use of the online services please advise our Cash Desk and we will forward you the “Authority to Transact Online” mandate and a guide on how to transact online.  For most clients an online profile would already have been set up when the account was originally opened, making the ability to begin using online even easier.

The Nedgroup Investments Secure Site offers the ability to execute online withdrawals.

Please note that we also offer the ability to execute Telephonic Instructions for all transactions, deposits and withdrawals, upon the receipt of the competed Telephonic Instructions mandate.

Process for Telephonic Transacting:

• Contact any of the telephone numbers below (recorded lines) to place your trades.

Note: deposits and withdrawals cut-off of 11:30am for telephonic instructions.

• Email proof of payment for deposits to no later than 12:30pm.

Telephone numbers:
Additional contact details are displayed further below.

Luyanda Masimong: 011 294 4355
Elizabeth Tenehi: 011 294 1077
Channon Marais: 021 416 6493

Finally, clients can also transact using Email. Again, a mandate is required for this.

The process for Email Transacting is:

• Email details of your transaction to

Note: deposits and withdrawals cut-off of 11:30am for Email instructions.

• Followed by proof of payment for deposits to no later than 12:30pm.

As you can see the alternative processes are simple, and well suited to remote working.

We would like to remind you that our single biggest control is that Nedgroup Investments Cash Solutions will only make payment to the bank account we have on record. We do not do third party payments. We undertake strict verification of bank account details initially, and apply a stringent process to amend these. This ensures that funds can only be paid to the intended beneficiary.

Our objective is to ensure processing is seamless despite the COVID 19 disruptions. Please feel free to contact us for any further information.