About us

The Nedgroup Investments Core funds are run in partnership with two Best of Breed™ fund managers. The Core Investment Team is responsible for the portfolio design which includes setting the rules governing the asset allocation, underlying asset classes and benchmark selection. The Nedgroup Investments Core Accelerated, Core Bond, Core Diversified and Core Guarded Funds are implemented by Taquanta Asset Managers while the Nedgroup Investments Core Global Fund is implemented by the iShares Index Asset Allocation team at Blackrock Investment Management.

How we manage your money

The funds have been designed to follow pre-defined rules; for example, the South African multi – asset funds follow rules which determine their allocations across five local and five global asset classes. These rules are set and designed by the Nedgroup Investments Advisors (Core Investment Team). The day to day implementation of the funds are done by our Best of Breed™ partners Taquanta Asset Managers and Blackrock Investment Management.

Ongoing monitoring and fund manager oversight

The monitoring of the fund is important to ensure that they continue to deliver in line with the stated objectives. There are two primary facets to our monitoring process: • Firstly, we continuously evaluate our manager’s ongoing performance and periodically re-evaluate their process. We also do a complete due diligence of all potential managers on an annual basis. • Secondly, we periodically review the strategic asset allocation and underlying benchmark indices of the portfolios.


Nedbank is a Level 1 BBBEE contributor with black representation of our total workforce at over 78%. Taquanta Asset Managers is the largest black owned asset management firm in South Africa and is a Level 2 BBBEE contributor.

Our Core Investment team

Jannie Leach

Head of Core Investments

Jannie joined Nedgroup Investments in 2008 as an Investment Analyst in the Best of Breed Team. During his time as an analyst he started developing the Core Range of low-cost multi-asset portfolios which were launched in September 2009. He currently drives the strategic development of the Core Range and is responsible for their “cost efficient” investment philosophy and process. He is actively involved in research on current topics in asset management and investment industry reforms. His team is also responsible for developing robust investment models which are implemented on digital advice platforms such as Nedgroup Investments’ Extraordinary Life and My Retirement Solution. Before he joined Nedgroup Investments he completed a PhD in Cosmology from UCT. 

Tracy Jensen

Investment Analyst

Tracy began her career at Investec asset management as a market analyst. From here she moved to 10X Investments and held various roles including Chief Product Architect, Head of Institutional Sales, COO and CFO. In 2018, she joined Nedgroup Investments as an Investment Strategist. Tracy specialises in online tools, digital advice and retirement income solutions. By training, she is an actuary and has a Masters in Financial Maths from UCT. 

Leonard Mamogobo

Investment Analyst

Leonard joined Nedgroup Investment in 2019 as a Junior Investment Analyst in the Core team. His primary responsibility include ongoing fund research to ensure product suitability and sustainability, performance reporting, regular client engagements and management. Prior to joining Nedgroup Investments, he worked as an economic researcher in the public sector. Leonard holds a BCom (Hons) in Economics from UCT and MCom in Financial Markets from Rhodes University.

Our partners

Taquanta Asset Managers

Taquanta’s Quants team has been an industry leader in delivering successful and innovative quantitative fund management services since 1996. This team is one of the most experienced and stable in the industry and their implementation has a reputation for cost efficiency and low tracking error.

The Quants team at Taquanta manages the Nedgroup Investments Core Accelerated, Core Diversified, Core Guarded and Core Bond Funds.

Blackrock Investment Management

BlackRock is the world’s largest independent asset management firm with nearly $10 trillion in AUM. They have pioneered and led the index fund market since the 1970s and currently manage nearly $5 trillion in Index funds and ETFs spanning over 650 benchmarks. The Nedgroup Investments Core Global Fund is implemented along BlackRock’s Total Performance Investment Philosophy which consists of constructing a solution that maximises the total return of a portfolio by considering the performance, cost and tax implications of different underlying building blocks.