Don’t sabotage your retirement savings by Denver Keswell, Senior legal advisor

It is somewhat surprising how many retirement fund members still access their retirement benefits before retirement without fully understanding the effect of such withdrawal from a tax point of view.

Time to read: 3 min

The real value of your financial planner by Gavin Kyte, Sales Manager: KwaZulu Natal

What if we told you that the real value you get from having a financial planner is not necessarily the returns from your investments – but the added benefits of good financial planning and goal-setting?

Time to read: 4 min

Subscale unit trust funds… the numbers by Trevor Garvin, Head of Multi-Management

There has been a proliferation of new unit trust fund launches in South Africa over the past 5 years – particularly for Regulation 28 compliant funds in the low equity and high equity prudential categories. Many of these funds are sub-scale in size resulting in them not being particularly cost effective.

Time to read: 6 min

Faction fights on three fronts by JP Landman, Political analyst

Last month’s conflagration on the South African Reserve Bank (SARB)’s mandate threw the faction fights in the ANC into sharp relief. These fights are currently being fought on three fronts: the SARB, land expropriation without compensation, and the Public Protector’s actions.

Time to read: 6 min

Proud to be a YES employer by Nedgroup Investments

In May Nedbank CEO, Mike Brown hosted president Cyril Ramaphosa and several captains of industry as the bank welcomed and inducted 3315 previously unemployed youth who began their 12-month YES journey with Nedbank and its sponsored implementation partners.

Time to read: 2 min