Proud to be a YES employer

By Nedgroup Investments

Nedgroup Investments is proud to support Nedbank’s commitment to the Youth Employment Service (YES).

In May Nedbank CEO, Mike Brown hosted president Cyril Ramaphosa and several captains of industry as the bank welcomed and inducted 3315 previously unemployed youth who began their 12-month YES journey with Nedbank and its sponsored implementation partners.

YES which was born out of the CEO initiative, was officially launched in March 2018 by the President as a joint initiative between government, business, labour and civil society. It was set up to be part of a collective effort to address the youth unemployment crisis facing our country.

“We are excited to be welcoming the youth intake and walking this new journey with them as they use the opportunity of a first job to develop their skills and experience to become leaders and inspiring, job-creating entrepreneurs,” says Nedbank Group Chief Executive Mike Brown. “We are certain that the experience gained over the year they will spend with us and our placement partners will be vital in affording them better opportunities in the future. Youth and SMEs are the backbone to driving inclusive economic growth and unlocking job opportunities.”

“Heeding the call to tackle the issue of youth unemployment is more than just providing jobs; it’s also about doing good for the communities in which we operate,” said Brown. “As a bank, we understand that the success of our business is inextricably linked to the success of the communities in which we operate and serve. We embrace our role in society as a change agent, as a contributor to nation building and an enabler of higher levels of inclusive, transformative economic growth.”

President Cyril Ramaphosa, speaking at the induction ceremony, commended Nedbank for being the single biggest contributor of the YES initiative. “It troubles me and keeps me awake at night to know that there are millions of unemployed youth who have embraced a tertiary education but haven’t been able to find jobs. It is encouraging that a number of companies are now responding to this urgent need. But more companies need to come on board to help unlock the potential for energetic and ambitious young people.”

Addressing the YES recruits, he said their 12-month stints as part of the programme doesn’t have to be an end to their career aspirations. “You should use this opportunity provided to you through YES and companies like Nedbank to take up other opportunities, open new doors and rise to greater heights.”

For more, read the Nedbank release here.