Podcast: Where is Veritas finding value? by Andrew Headley

In a podcast with Andrew Headley who was recently in South Africa, our Head of Investments, Rob Johnson discusses how the fund is currently positioned with a focus on one of the main thematic holdings in the fund: global healthcare

Time to read: 8 min

See no evil? by Nicola Vernon , Investment Consultant

For financial planners, helping clients to fully understand the impact of their financial decision can be a challenge

Time to read: 3 min

Thoughts from the road: Hong Kong and China by Ian Beattie, Fund Manager of the Nedgroup Investments Global Emerging Market Equity Fund

Fund Manager of the Nedgroup Investments Global Emerging Markets Equity Fund recently spent some time in Hong Kong and China amidst the trade wars and protests that are happening there

Time to read: 6 min

Just do something by JP Landman, Political analyst

‘Just do something’ is the cry now rising from all over South Africa, a plea to the president and government in general to take some action to break the logjam in which the country finds itself

Time to read: 8 min