Industry insights at your fingertips – helping you navigate through chaos

Industry insights at your fingertips – helping you navigate through chaos

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  • Get up-to-date industry and market insights
  • Stay informed and up to date
  • Help clients filter out the noise and make better decisions

Before 2020, the term “Lockdown” conjured up movie related images of correctional facilities, science labs or castles under siege.

By Mid-March this year however, “lockdown” was our new reality and at times it felt like we were living in a real-life sci-fi movie.

Sadly, although it felt surreal, the effects on the economy were very real and we are now faced as a country with the task of trying to spark a pulse in the economy, which has been flatlining.  The past several months have been a very scary time for investors who have experienced varying degrees of fear and panic while trying to make sense of the new world order.

It was during this time that we realised that clear communication, regular feedback and useful market insights would be crucial to help investors stay calm and stick to their long-term investment plan.  And so, the Nedgroup Investments Pulse was born.

What is the Pulse Report?

The Pulse report has been designed to provide financial advisers and their clients (the end investor) with a comprehensive monthly update on the domestic and international markets, currencies, long term asset class returns, as well as performance numbers across a range of the key unit trust categories. 

Longer-term views

Although this is a monthly report, we prefer to focus on medium- to long-term performance numbers in terms of ranking the funds under focus. It is our belief that managers need to be given a long-term horizon to fully bring their fund management skill to the fore as markets move in cycles over time. We recognise that even the best managers go through periods of shorter-term under-performance, and this should not be seen as a reason to dis-invest. 

Useful behavioural insights
The Pulse Report also has a clear investment educational aspect to it, aiming to assist one in becoming more knowledgeable on current market events as well as managing the behavioral aspects of investing.  Every month we provide a useful insight into a relevant financial concept or activity as well as providing some comic relief through a topical cartoon.

Register to receive your Pulse Report for free

Since launch three months ago, we have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients on the usefulness of the publication and we currently have well over 2500 people registered. We endeavor to keep improving and updating it so that it remains a useful source of market information to our clients.

To receive the Nedgroup Investments Pulse Report, register here. Please subscribe to the Pulse to receive the publication going forward.