Investing on your own terms

Investing on your own terms

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Because we understand that no one has time for endless paperwork, we now have a 100% paperless on-boarding solution to make investing with us even easier. Get FICAd; sign an application for a unit-trust, tax-free investment or a retirement annuity; and submit instructions that will be processed in real-time - all without printing a single form. No forms, no fuss.

And, if you are not sure which investment is the right one for you, our  automated investment platform, Extraordinary Life is ready and waiting to help you select the investments that are most suited to your unique investment objectives.

With Extraordinary Life, we’ll suggest an ideal investment for your needs, show you how much your total savings could be worth and how best to achieve these savings. We even make sure that your investment is maximised for tax-efficiency and give you access to a financial planner to review your investment at no additional cost. With low minimums and no hidden fees, investing with us has never been easier.

Click here to get started with paperless on-boarding, or if you are not sure which fund or funds is best for you, click here to explore your options.