Nedgroup Investments launches two new multi-asset funds

By Nedgroup Investments

Following the impressive performance of Nedgroup Investments at the Raging Bull Awards in January, the company has now announced the launch of two new multi-asset, Regulation 28 compliant funds. The new funds are available for investment, effective 1 March 2017.

The Nedgroup Investments Balanced Fund, previously the Truffle MET Balanced Fund, has been moved to the Nedgroup Investments Scheme and renamed the Nedgroup Investments Balanced Fund. There has been no change to the fund manager, the fund mandate or fees and Truffle Asset Management (“Truffle”) continues to handle the day-to-day fund management of this fund. The fund has retained its strong 5-year track record and remains one of the top-ranking high equity, multi-asset funds available. Furthermore, the fund is fully compliant with Regulation 28 of the South African Pension Funds Act.

The Nedgroup Investments Managed Fund, also managed by Truffle, has realigned its mandate to a South Africa only mandate following the successful ballot process which was approved by the FSB in November 2016. Truffle is therefore responsible for the daily management of two of Nedgroup Investments Best of Breed™ funds, namely the Nedgroup Investments Balanced Fund, with a global mandate; and the Nedgroup Investments Managed Fund, with a South African mandate.

Nedgroup Investments has also launched the Nedgroup Investments Core Accelerated Fund, which is the first low-cost, Regulation 28 compliant unit trust that aims to achieve high capital growth through maximised exposure to equities and listed property (local and offshore).

This fund is an addition to the Nedgroup Investments Core Range of Funds, which includes the Nedgroup Investments Core Guarded Fund, the Nedgroup Investments Core Diversified Fund and the Nedgroup Investments Core Global Fund. The fund shares the same attractive low-cost structure of the rest of the Core Fund range with an annual management fee of 0.35%.

Both of these new funds as well as the rest of our range of funds are available directly and on various investment platforms. Should you have any questions regarding our funds, please do not hesitate to contact our client services centre at .