Stable Fund series of articles

By Anil Jugmohan

This five-part series of articles discusses some of the most important features of the Nedgroup Investments Stable Fund. The articles cover the following topics - click on each heading to read the article (articles will be loaded as they are distributed each week):

  1. Excellent returns through asset allocation: We show how skillful tactical asset allocation for the Nedgroup Investments Stable Fund has enabled the fund to perform through several market shocks and events since inception.
  2. When does it pay to be conservative?: A look at the positioning of the fund in terms of its mandate to avoid impairment of capital for investors and how this can affect shorter-term performance.
  3. Fund performance versus inflation +4%: We compare the fund’s performance versus inflation +4% within the context of broader market indices over the past 3 years.
  4. Great risk-adjusted returns: This article demonstrates that the Nedgroup Investments Stable Fund has provided investors with attractive long term returns while protecting against high volatility.
  5.  Why making investment decisions based on recent performance is dangerous: Finally, we illustrate the potential pitfalls of trying to predict future performance based on short-term past performance. We close by highlighting some of the long term qualitative characteristics that we look for when selecting our Best of Breed™ fund managers.