Balanced Fund – Taking stock

Since its inception in 2011, the Nedgroup Investments Balanced Fund has had annualised returns of 11.5% and we’re confident that this stellar performance will continue in 2021. Iain Power, the CIO of Truffle Asset Management, the Portfolio Manager of the Nedgroup Investments Balanced Fund since inception, takes stock of the main contributors to performance in 2020 and the current environment and how that translates into the portfolio’s positioning.

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Conversation with Dave Foord: Investing an a post-covid world

We chatted to Dave Foord about his views on investing in a post-covid world and where the opportunities will be as well as what he thinks about the prospects for global inflation.

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Stability through divergent inflation scenarios

Nick Balkin is a Portfolio Manager at Foord Asset Management, the managers of the Nedgroup Investments Stable Fund. The Stable Fund is a slightly ‘riskier’ fund with a maximum exposure of 30% to equities with a key objective to deliver an inflation plus return over rolling 3 years and to protect capital over a rolling 1 year. Nick discusses how to achieve stability through divergent inflation scenarios.

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How to enhance low cash yields

Philip Liebenberg is a portfolio Manager at Abax Investments, the manager of the Nedgroup Investments Flexible Income Fund. Philip takes us through some of his strategies to manage the risks in the markets and how the Fund is positioned to outperform cash.

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