Property Fund – Thoughts on SA listed property

Despite a Q4 rebound of 23% for the local property sector, the SA Listed Property Index is still down 35% for 2020. Ian Anderson from Bridge Fund Managers, Portfolio Manager for the Nedgroup Investments Property Fund, illustrates the differentiated proposition within the Nedgroup Investments Property Fund and how it is positioned to take advantage of the current environment.

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The Balanced Perspective: The Great Rotation

In this month’s edition of the Balanced Perspective, we look to go behind the trends we are witnessing and gain further perspective of both the global and local markets’ response to the phenomenon.

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Conversation with Dave Foord: Investing an a post-covid world

We chatted to Dave Foord about his views on investing in a post-covid world and where the opportunities will be as well as what he thinks about the prospects for global inflation.

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Stability through divergent inflation scenarios

Nick Balkin is a Portfolio Manager at Foord Asset Management, the managers of the Nedgroup Investments Stable Fund. The Stable Fund is a slightly ‘riskier’ fund with a maximum exposure of 30% to equities with a key objective to deliver an inflation plus return over rolling 3 years and to protect capital over a rolling 1 year. Nick discusses how to achieve stability through divergent inflation scenarios.

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