Stable Fund quarterly feedback

Nick Balkin of Foord Asset Management, Fund Manager of the Nedgroup Investments Stable Fund provides an overview of the Fund’s performance for the last quarter and positioning going forward.

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The Balanced Perspective: SA versus the world

There is a lot of rhetoric in the market about the shift to emerging market value. Locally, some of the Covid restrictions have been eased and the first vaccines have arrived in the country. What does this mean for the local equity market in South Africa and can we make any assumptions? In our second balanced Perspective event, Iain Truffle, Fund Manager of the Nedgroup Investments Balanced Fund, gives us his views.

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Balanced Fund – Taking stock

Since its inception in 2011, the Nedgroup Investments Balanced Fund has had annualised returns of 11.5% and we’re confident that this stellar performance will continue in 2021. Iain Power, the CIO of Truffle Asset Management, the Portfolio Manager of the Nedgroup Investments Balanced Fund since inception, takes stock of the main contributors to performance in 2020 and the current environment and how that translates into the portfolio’s positioning.

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Rainmaker Fund - Is local always lekker, as in Q4?

Steve Minnaar from ABAX Investments, Portfolio Manager for the Nedgroup Investments Rainmaker Fund, provides an update on the evolution of the Fund during 2020 and the team’s views on local versus offshore companies. Will local trump global or is local still lekker?

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