The Balanced Perspective: The Great Rotation

In this month’s edition of the Balanced Perspective, we look to go behind the trends we are witnessing and gain further perspective of both the global and local markets’ response to the phenomenon.

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With big tech comes large responsibility

Dwayne Dippenaar is a Portfolio Manager at Laurium Capital, the managers of the Nedgroup Investments SA Equity Fund. The SA Equity Fund focuses exclusively on investing in South African markets and has no offshore exposure. Dwayne discusses the Fund's Q2 performance and some thoughts on Naspers, which is one of the bigger components of the JSE.

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The stabilising power of diversification: The only free lunch in town?

Nick Balkin is a Portfolio Manager at Foord Asset Management, the manager of the Nedgroup Investments Stable Fund. Nick discusses how diversification is a key component of the investment philosophy at Foord and provides an overview of the Fund’s Q2 performance.

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Nedgroup Investments Opportunity Fund celebrates its 10th anniversary

The Nedgroup Investments Opportunity Fund celebrates it’s 10th anniversary. Join us in conversation with portfolio manager Omri Thomas, as he reflects on the last 10 years.

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