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The unit trust portfolio is suitable for investors seeking exposure to the domestic equity market with maximum capital appreciation as their primary goal over the long term. Investors should have a tolerance for short-term market volatility in order to achieve long-term objectives.

Investment manager

Laurium Capital is an independently owned investment manager, with a rigorous investment process that is based on bottom-up fundamental research and combined with disciplined portfolio construction and risk management processes. The South African equity strategy is a core part of the business and the broad investment team is comprised of experienced analysts covering listed companies in South Africa and the Rest of Africa. The company was formed in 2008 and is based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, utilising real-time communication technology to ensure continuous and robust debate.

Laurium rate favourably across a wide range of Responsible Investing criteria, and have proactively sought to improve in this area over recent years. Laurium incorporate ESG factors into their investment process in a manner that is consistent with their long-term investment horizon. They hold the belief that companies cannot achieve sustainable economic success while neglecting their social and environmental responsibilities.


Risk profile

Low risk High risk
The greater the amount of risk an investor is willing to take on the greater the potential return

Minimum investment

Lump sum: R10 000 Debit order: R500

Recommended minimum period

5 to 7 years

Inception date

31 October 2003

Asisa category

(ASISA) South African EQ General


South African EQ General

Performance (since inception)

Annual fees and charges eac Fees calculator

excl VAT incl VAT
Fund management fee 1.50% 1.73%
Fund expenses 0.03%
Total expense ratio 1.76%
Fund transacting costs 0.62%
Total investment charges 2.38%

Price as at eac View all prices

Fund price Market change Unit count
1 919.39 1.12% 4 276 668.3767

Income distribution

Cents per unit Latest date Frequency
14.56 31 December 2020 Annually

Responsible investing

Responsible investing icon

Our responsibility towards our clients’ assets forms the foundation of our investment philosophy and approach.

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