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Investor Profile

The unit trust portfolio is suitable for investors who require high levels of income and capital preservation and provides an attractive alternative to current and savings accounts and may be used to diversify away from equity assets or as a short-term investment for capital. The portfolio typically displays very little volatility.

Investment manager

Taquanta is one of a few specialist cash and fixed income asset managers in South Africa. Their Fixed Income Team, consisting of former Treasury professionals whose skills are clearly differentiated from generic cash and fixed income asset managers, is amongst the top ranked cash managers in the country from a consistency and risk adjusted return perspective.

The fixed income team at Taquanta manages the Money Market and Core Income Funds.

Risk profile

Low risk High risk
The greater the amount of risk an investor is willing to take on the greater the potential return

Minimum investment

Lump sum: R10 000 Debit order: R500

Recommended minimum period

No minimum period

Inception date

01 October 2000

Asisa category

(ASISA) South African IB Money Market


STeFI Call Deposit

Performance (since inception)

Annual fees and charges eac Fees calculator

excl VAT incl VAT
Fund management fee 0.50% 0.58%
Fund expenses 0.01%
Total expense ratio 0.59%
Fund transacting costs 0.00%
Total investment charges 0.59%

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Fund price Yield Market change Unit count
100.00 3.951500 0.00% -

Income distribution

Cents per unit Latest date Frequency
0.00 30 September 2021 Monthly