The new tax-free savings account: how much ... by Seugnet de Villiers, Investment Analyst

In our last issue we discussed the National Treasury’s plans to introduce a tax-free savings account (TFSA) in March this year; wherein one can contribute up to R 30 000 per year and up to a lifetime contribution of R 500 000. Because the savings invested in a TFSA will not be taxed, it provides a great incentive to save, but where will it fit into your current savings plan and how much will you actually save?

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The Nedgroup Investments Core Range: implem... by Jannie Leach, Head of Core Investments

In recent years there have been numerous articles on lowering investment costs by means of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and other index-tracker portfolios. Despite all the noise South African investors have not followed the international trends of implementing large portions of their savings using these types of portfolios.

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Oil – the big drop by

If we page back in history, it is evident that the price of oil tends to undergo a significant correction approximately every four years. It is not so much these historic occurrences that are of interest, but the behaviour of the oil market during these price fluctuations.

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Letter to investors by Nic Andrew, Head of Nedgroup Investments

At this time of the year, the media and financial publications are full of economic forecasts. These are often well-researched, fascinating to read and draw insightful conclusions. However, it is more useful for investors to set clear goals, begin saving enough diligently and regularly into an appropriate, fairly priced fund and then having the discipline to stick to the plan...

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