At Nedbank, our purpose is “to use our financial expertise to do good for individuals, families, businesses and society.” Nedgroup Investments as a part of Nedbank Group Limited believes that the sustainability lens provides important insight into emerging environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities that should be considered by asset owners (pension funds; medical schemes, insurers) and managers. Nedgroup Investments is fully committed to the process and sits on the Nedbank Wealth Responsible Investment Committee (RIC), which meets quarterly to address issues of development, implementation and maintenance of the cluster responsible investment (RI) policy in a consistent manner across the cluster.

The guidelines recognise:
 The investment principles that govern each of our investment teams;
 The diversity of asset classes managed by the various appointed Best of breed™ managers;
 The unique value proposition of each manager and the independent nature of their investment styles;
 The mandated responsibility of managers to pursue superior risk-adjusted returns on behalf of our clients.

Nedgroup Investments’ Responsible Investing policy applies to our actively managed Best of breed™, fund of funds, cash solutions and internally managed products.

For more information please read the Nedgroup Investments Responsible Investment Guidelines and the Nedgroup Investments Proxy Voting Guidelines.

For our Conflicts of Interests Policy please refer to the ‘Legal information’ section.